• 1) I believe that I am in the free local delivery area but I am not being offered free local delivery what do I do?

    The online store uses Google to determine which addresses fall within the free delivery area.

    Sometimes the address format it requires can be a little different to what you would expect.

    Please pay particular attention to the first two address fields. If you have a house name or flat number etc. you may expect to put it in to the first address box (we would!) but it is required in the box labelled "Apartment, suite etc. (optional)".

    If you are having real trouble then let us know by using the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page and we can provide you with a discount code to enter at the checkout so that delivery cost is removed before purchase.

    If you do make a purchase and you are in the free delivery zone and we spot that you have paid for delivery we will refund it to you anyway.